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October 11, 2019

Good People Coin started by MIT Digital Transformation SOC0919 students as a class project.

The idea is to create a platform where volunteers verify the good deeds done by others and issue them GoodPeople Tokens as a thank you for their good deeds.

The tokens are symbolic in nature but if the platform became popular, then good people might earn something tangible for their tokens one day. Even if that never happens, we are still reminding those who get exposed to the idea that humanity still honors those who do good deeds regardless of their social status, color, race or nationality.


The platform is divided to countries. Each country has a member in the founding team which is the team that controls the monthly token supply to each country group.

Each country is managed by a group of admins where each admin represents a city’s committee which control that city’s wallet. Each city will then have a forum where people can participate and upload images proving a good deed that they did such as volunteer work or donations to a reputable licensed charity in that city. The committee of each city can form verification teams that check the submitted proofs and earn tokens for their work in return.

All the addresses of the main wallet, countries and cities will be made public and since the transactions are taking place on a blockchain then people can see exactly how the tokens are trickling down to the city level.



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